I have a passion for travel, small cars that handle like race cars, indifferent cats, 

...  and of course photography.


I was born in California, ... Sacramento to be more exact. My first camera was a brownie ...with a flash. 


I toured the California State College system, finally settling down and receiving a BFA and MFA at Cal State University Fullerton in Fine Art Printmaking.


I seem to have always been a person with my feet in two or more worlds. The photographer, that became a cellist, then a dancer, who became the painter, who became a printmaker and then returned to photography. As a result I have a fondness for mixing media.


I have worked for many years producing limited edition silk screen prints for artists and art galleries.


Having made the transition in photography from film to digital, the camera I use most often now is a Canon 5D with an assortment of lenses.


Because I spent way too much time in darkrooms earlier in my life I now LOVE working on images on my computer. Yes, those film images are especially poetic and beautiful, but I have used up all my darkroom time.